Epic Adventure!

Chaos Reigns


Our heroes (?) were recruited by cosmic forces to run an important mission… for the forces of CHAOS!

The Host of Chaos believes that the forces of Order are winning their eternal war, and need neutral, mortal agents to invade one of the realms of Order to retrieve a powerful artifact of the original chaotic darkness that existed before the universe was created: The Yokeless Egg.

After entering the realm of Order, our group set the guardian bull free, and entered a crystalline tower. Inside, they defeated five separate puzzle rooms to earn entry to the room that contained the Egg.

Once they had the Egg, they quickly returned to the Host of Chaos with it in hand. There, they were faced with a choice: should they hand the Egg over to the whole Host of Chaos, betray the Host by giving the Egg to an undercover agent of the Lords of Order, hand the egg to an agent of the Balance between Chaos and Order, or just pick one Chaos Lord to give the Egg to in order to get big rewards (at the risk of ticking off all of the other Chaos Lords.)

Death Bow chose to betray EVERYONE by giving the Egg to a Chaos Lord who had offered him many powerful, magical treasures. All of the armies of the other Chaos Lords immediately started fighting each other to try to stop Death Bow from reaching his goal. Two soldiers stood between Death Bow and his chosen Chaos Lord. One of them missed. One of them didn’t…

Death Bow dropped the Yokeless Egg, and the primordial Darkness inside of it was set free. Now, tendrils of dark, eternal night have sprung from the Egg, and all of the armies of Chaos are fighting to get it under their control.

Will our heroes be able to escape? How will they get home? Will they ever get home? Will Death Bow ever get turned back into a human, and stop throwing monkey poo at everyone? And what… are… those… shining… things… appearing… all…. over… the creature that emerged from the Egg?

Find out next time.



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