Epic Adventure!

Princess Delivery Service

Now with free shipping! (Not...)

Our heroes found the Sleeping Princess, and recovered her from the castle. Monster101 (played by Evelyn), Luna (played by Iolanda), Naruto (played by Justin) and Hellflame (played by Angelo) led the rest of their small group of surviving villagers out of the cursed castle to the rendezvous point to meet up with Prince Charming. They brought the sleeping Princess and an equally sleepy thief with them.

Meanwhile, Tech-Master (played by Resham), remained at the top of the castle courtyard stairs, testing the bizarre, glowing water from a magic fountain of some kind. After drinking from its arcane waters for a third time, he began bleeding from his mouth at random times from some sort of mystical effect similar to stigmata. He pressed his luck for a little bit too long, though, and drew the attention of a pack of Ebu Gogo monsters who pursued him to a small opening in the castle wall, where one of them caught hold of Tech-Master's leg as he tried to climb out!

A daring rescue attempt was made, and ultimately succeeded, but at a great cost. After the team failed to pull Tech-Master away from the Ebu Gogos, Luna made a last-ditch attempt to flick the end of her whip around his arm. Despite her best efforts, she missed, and pulped Tech-Master's left ear while simultaneously knocking him unconscious.

That's when Monster101 heroically dived into the tunnel head-first, and grabbed hold of Tech-Master to pull him to freedom. After that, it was an all-out battle against the Ebu Gogos to save Tech-Master from their clutches.

In the end, the heroes all survived, and the bodies of the vanquished Ebu Gogos unexpectedly crumpled into silver coins. That was weird.

Sadly, one of the Ebu Gogo monsters crushed Hellflame's throat during the fight. Hellflame lived, but lost the use of his voice, which brought a premature end to his promising future as a wizard.  

Now, all the team needs to do is to bring the princess to the prince. And manage to survive. Again.

Tune in next time for the exciting conclusion to: The Castle of the Sleeping Princess!



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