Epic Adventure!

Two Worlds, Two Quests, Twice The Fun
"Never split the party," they said...

The Chaos Tentacles have opened up a variety of portals to different worlds. Our heroes take the opportunity to indulge in various shenanigans.

Monster101, Naruto, Death Bow, and Finn all go to the same world, and see an army with skull-like helmets attacking a dragon. Monster101 helps the dragon by shooting the soldiers. Everyone pitches in. They are locked in battle.

(The tip of a top hat is peeking out from a bush.)

ItzBlueface messes about in various worlds, but ends up returning to Waka Waka Doo.

Marysa tries to communicate with the Chaos Tentacles by saying random nonsense, to no avail. She then jumps into the portal leading back to Waka Waka Doo. She takes the time to steal a donkey from a random farmer’s stable and a saddle from the general store. She names the donkey Daisy and leads it back to her forest escape. She leaves Daisy in her camp and goes to her adoptive family’s house. She sets it on fire. She sees a weeping lady putting a basket on the doorstep of the house in the smoke. As the lady walks away, a red, pointed tail is visible. The mirage disappears. The family wakes up and runs out. They do not see Marysa retreat into the depths of the forest. Marysa curls up in her wigwam, thankful for the clue about her parentage. She soon falls asleep.

The portals close…

What strange things will Monster101, Naruto, Death Bow, and Finn encounter in the new, crazy world? What’s up with that top hat? Will ItzBlueface help Marysa find her true parents? Will Marysa feel bad about burning her adoptive family’s house down?

Find out next time, on Epic Adventure!

Chaos Reigns

Our heroes (?) were recruited by cosmic forces to run an important mission… for the forces of CHAOS!

The Host of Chaos believes that the forces of Order are winning their eternal war, and need neutral, mortal agents to invade one of the realms of Order to retrieve a powerful artifact of the original chaotic darkness that existed before the universe was created: The Yokeless Egg.

After entering the realm of Order, our group set the guardian bull free, and entered a crystalline tower. Inside, they defeated five separate puzzle rooms to earn entry to the room that contained the Egg.

Once they had the Egg, they quickly returned to the Host of Chaos with it in hand. There, they were faced with a choice: should they hand the Egg over to the whole Host of Chaos, betray the Host by giving the Egg to an undercover agent of the Lords of Order, hand the egg to an agent of the Balance between Chaos and Order, or just pick one Chaos Lord to give the Egg to in order to get big rewards (at the risk of ticking off all of the other Chaos Lords.)

Death Bow chose to betray EVERYONE by giving the Egg to a Chaos Lord who had offered him many powerful, magical treasures. All of the armies of the other Chaos Lords immediately started fighting each other to try to stop Death Bow from reaching his goal. Two soldiers stood between Death Bow and his chosen Chaos Lord. One of them missed. One of them didn’t…

Death Bow dropped the Yokeless Egg, and the primordial Darkness inside of it was set free. Now, tendrils of dark, eternal night have sprung from the Egg, and all of the armies of Chaos are fighting to get it under their control.

Will our heroes be able to escape? How will they get home? Will they ever get home? Will Death Bow ever get turned back into a human, and stop throwing monkey poo at everyone? And what… are… those… shining… things… appearing… all…. over… the creature that emerged from the Egg?

Find out next time.

Princess Delivery Service
Now with free shipping! (Not...)

Our heroes found the Sleeping Princess, and recovered her from the castle. Monster101 (played by Evelyn), Luna (played by Iolanda), Naruto (played by Justin) and Hellflame (played by Angelo) led the rest of their small group of surviving villagers out of the cursed castle to the rendezvous point to meet up with Prince Charming. They brought the sleeping Princess and an equally sleepy thief with them.

Meanwhile, Tech-Master (played by Resham), remained at the top of the castle courtyard stairs, testing the bizarre, glowing water from a magic fountain of some kind. After drinking from its arcane waters for a third time, he began bleeding from his mouth at random times from some sort of mystical effect similar to stigmata. He pressed his luck for a little bit too long, though, and drew the attention of a pack of Ebu Gogo monsters who pursued him to a small opening in the castle wall, where one of them caught hold of Tech-Master's leg as he tried to climb out!

A daring rescue attempt was made, and ultimately succeeded, but at a great cost. After the team failed to pull Tech-Master away from the Ebu Gogos, Luna made a last-ditch attempt to flick the end of her whip around his arm. Despite her best efforts, she missed, and pulped Tech-Master's left ear while simultaneously knocking him unconscious.

That's when Monster101 heroically dived into the tunnel head-first, and grabbed hold of Tech-Master to pull him to freedom. After that, it was an all-out battle against the Ebu Gogos to save Tech-Master from their clutches.

In the end, the heroes all survived, and the bodies of the vanquished Ebu Gogos unexpectedly crumpled into silver coins. That was weird.

Sadly, one of the Ebu Gogo monsters crushed Hellflame's throat during the fight. Hellflame lived, but lost the use of his voice, which brought a premature end to his promising future as a wizard.  

Now, all the team needs to do is to bring the princess to the prince. And manage to survive. Again.

Tune in next time for the exciting conclusion to: The Castle of the Sleeping Princess!

Castle of the Sleeping Princess
Prince Charming really isn't...

Prince Hubert Charming is on the lookout for his third wife, after the last two mysteriously died. He recruited a band of villagers to help him raid the ancient, cursed castle of the sleeping Princess Beauty. 

The band of brave villagers marched through the frightening Grimmswood Forest with the Prince and his soldiers. When they arrived at the castle, the Prince told them that they could keep any treasures that they find in the castle, as long as they bring the sleeping Princess to him so that he can awaken her.

The first two daring characters to enter the castle were Itzredface (played by Geicyler) and Kirzin (played by Resham). The space in front of the castle was covered in vines and thorns, with two paths they could travel through. There was a small path (where they might get cut by the thorns), and a larger path. They chose the larger path. They found the bones of dozens of soldiers and horses lying right in front of the castle! Itzredface entered the southeast tower of the castle through a large crack in its wall, while Kirzin tried to climb right over the fallen rubble of the main castle wall. 

As soon as Kirzin got near the thorny vines, they magically came to life and attacked him! Meanwhile, Itzredface was in a large, dark tower that had a staircase to the right of him, and a door to the left of him. He opened the door, and saw Kirzin being attacked by vines in the castle courtyard. Kirzin managed to cut one of the vines attacking him in half, and Itzredface destroyed another one with his dagger. The two of them advanced farther into the castle, with the rest of the villagers following behind them.

Next, Itzredface and Kirzin found a religious chapel on the eastern side of the courtyard. When they entered, it was filled with broken-down and rotting old wooden pews, and an altar in the center of the room with a small statue of the goddess Justicia on it. There was a sign below the statue that said, "If those of you who believe in justice ask for my blessing, you shall have it." Itzredface and Kirzin decided that the chapel was boring, and left it.

The next place they found on the eastern side of the courtyard was a large series of stone steps that led up above them to a smaller area with a fountain in it, and debris and rubble from the fallen castle wall behind that. They skipped this part to keep moving farther west.

Moving west, the group found a large, fancy building in the center of the northern section of the courtyard. Opening the door, they found a gigantic dining hall, with a large, rectangular table in the center of it. Around the table were the many skeletons of the people who had been eating at that table when the curse landed on the castle hundreds of years ago.

Except for five special chairs at the dining table. Five beautiful women were fast asleep in those chairs, and perfectly safe. Itzredface and Kirzin looted the pockets of the skeletons, just like adventurers usually do. They found some useful items, like candles and even holy water.

As the adventurers approached the young women, they woke up, one by one. The blondest woman, wearing a green dress, woke, floated into the air, and said, "Beauty has slept for hundreds of years…" and rays of light extended from her hands to the adventurers, healing them of their wounds before she disappeared.

A black young woman, wearing a blue dress, rose and said, "When SHE rises, so will all others who sleep within this castle…"

As Resham approached her, a red-haired young woman, wearing horse-riding clothes, rose and presented an amazing sword to him, saying, "This is the Sword of Truth, which cuts all lies and falsehoods."

A dark-haired young woman in a yellow dress rose, and presented a handheld mirror to Itzredface, saying, "This is the Mirror of Truth, whose reflections pierce illusions."

At that point, a couple of other adventurers stepped forward, and found further supplies in the room.

All was going well, until Itzredface decided to try to pick the pockets of the final sleeping woman before she could rise. As he snuck toward her, and tried to take something from her, the dark-haired young Asian woman in a red dress rose, glared at him, and made a rude gesture to him. She, and the lion-headed shield she had been carrying, disappeared together…



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