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  • Castle of the Sleeping Princess

    Prince Hubert Charming is on the lookout for his third wife, after the last two mysteriously died. He recruited a band of villagers to help him raid the ancient, cursed castle of the sleeping Princess Beauty. 

    The band of brave villagers …

  • Princess Delivery Service

    Our heroes found the Sleeping Princess, and recovered her from the castle. [[:monster101 | Monster101]] (played by Evelyn), Luna (played by Iolanda), Naruto (played by Justin) and Hellflame (played by Angelo) led the rest of their small group …

  • Chaos Reigns

    Our heroes (?) were recruited by cosmic forces to run an important mission... for the forces of CHAOS! The Host of Chaos believes that the forces of Order are winning their eternal war, and need neutral, mortal agents to invade one of the realms of …

  • Two Worlds, Two Quests, Twice The Fun

    The Chaos Tentacles have opened up a variety of portals to different worlds. Our heroes take the opportunity to indulge in various shenanigans. [[:monster101 | Monster101]], [[:naruto | Naruto]], [[:death-bow | Death Bow]], and [[:finn | Finn]] all go …

  • Home Page

    Welcome to the land of Epic Adventure!

    The world teems with magic. The witch is waiting in the forest, along with all the darkest creatures that fairytales have warned us about. The dragons …

  • Main Page

    Starting Point: [[Town of Waka Waka Doo | Town of Waka Waka Doo]]
    Equipment: [[Equipment | Equipment]]
    Masterwork Equipment: [[Masterwork | Masterwork]]

    Click this link for answers to the most frequently-asked questions about the …

  • Stuff You Should Know

    1.) How do we find quests and adventures and mad fat LOOT?!?

    Good question. Most towns have inns, taverns, and meeting halls where most people hang out. Talk to the people there, and ask them about rumors and jobs. To make …

  • Masterwork

    Weapons, armor and other items built by the greatest artisans in this world.

    These items do not break or fail unless they are subjected to EXTREME conditions that they were never intended for. They are more accurate, more protective, and just …

  • Fighter

    Fighters are the warriors of light (or darkness) in the world of Epic Adventure. These are the brave souls who are unafraid to combat the monsters, the magic, and the unknown.

    Abilities -

    Fighters have an Attack Bonus of their level …

  • Mage

    Sorceress. Summoner. Wizard. Enchantress. Mage.

    There are many different names for those who bend the very fabric of space and time, but, no matter what they are called, they are brilliant, they are creative, and they are extremely dangerous. …

  • Specialist

    Specialists are the skillful thieves, assassins, rogues, scholars and linguists of the adventuring world. They are quick to learn new things, and so they level up faster than any other class. 

    Abilities -

    Specialists start …

  • Savant

    Savants are a rare class of adventurer with a blessing that some might call a curse. All adventurers are subjected to a myriad of poisons, curses, spells, and the supernatural abilities of the monsters that fight them.

    But only the Savant can …

  • Jinx

    We've all heard the fairytales about ridiculously lucky girls and boys. Alice, Jack, Hansel & Gretel, Peter, Wendy. They explore strange lands, battle bizarre monsters, steal fabulous treasures, and somehow always live to go on another …

  • Town of Waka Waka Doo

    Waka Waka Doo is the hometown of our heroes. Its main export is produce. Silversmith Accounts: Monster101 = 634SP Luna = 634SP Marysa = N/A Naruto = 697SP ItzBlueface = N/A Death Bow = 1379SP Geicyler stashed 4618SP under his girlfriend's …

  • Yokeless Egg

    The prehistoric artifact of the original Chaos before the universe was created. [[:death-bow | Death Bow]] dropped it and broke it, along with everyone else's hearts. Oops!

  • Apollodorus

    Apollodorus (called "Polly" behind his back, because people know that it annoys him), is a part-time accountant who helps General Darius keep the treasury of Lennox in good order. The rest of the time, he maintains several small businesses of his own.

  • Marysa

    Gather 'round, and you shall hear a story - please lend an ear. The tale of a girl, her donkey, and her shovel. Exciting? Surely! 'Twas a cold night, a lady with a face tearfully bright put a basket on a doorstep in Waka Waka Doo. This will soon …

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