Epic Adventure!

Two Worlds, Two Quests, Twice The Fun

"Never split the party," they said...

The Chaos Tentacles have opened up a variety of portals to different worlds. Our heroes take the opportunity to indulge in various shenanigans.

Monster101, Naruto, Death Bow, and Finn all go to the same world, and see an army with skull-like helmets attacking a dragon. Monster101 helps the dragon by shooting the soldiers. Everyone pitches in. They are locked in battle.

(The tip of a top hat is peeking out from a bush.)

ItzBlueface messes about in various worlds, but ends up returning to Waka Waka Doo.

Marysa tries to communicate with the Chaos Tentacles by saying random nonsense, to no avail. She then jumps into the portal leading back to Waka Waka Doo. She takes the time to steal a donkey from a random farmer’s stable and a saddle from the general store. She names the donkey Daisy and leads it back to her forest escape. She leaves Daisy in her camp and goes to her adoptive family’s house. She sets it on fire. She sees a weeping lady putting a basket on the doorstep of the house in the smoke. As the lady walks away, a red, pointed tail is visible. The mirage disappears. The family wakes up and runs out. They do not see Marysa retreat into the depths of the forest. Marysa curls up in her wigwam, thankful for the clue about her parentage. She soon falls asleep.

The portals close…

What strange things will Monster101, Naruto, Death Bow, and Finn encounter in the new, crazy world? What’s up with that top hat? Will ItzBlueface help Marysa find her true parents? Will Marysa feel bad about burning her adoptive family’s house down?

Find out next time, on Epic Adventure!



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