The Sticky-Fingered Imp




Gather ’round, and you shall hear
a story – please lend an ear.
The tale of a girl, her donkey,
and her shovel. Exciting? Surely!

’Twas a cold night,
a lady with a face tearfully bright
put a basket on a doorstep in Waka Waka Doo.
This will soon become relevant to you.

The basket held a baby.
Strange? Maybe.
“Her name is Marysa,” said a note.
Then her blanket was taken, and made into a coat.

Then she grew and grew -
seemed she was tough through and through -
chores and starvation,
slept on rags, and endured flagellation.

She was raised on scraps,
but once she saw a distant land on maps.
Her spirit soared! Wanderlust ignited -
but then her father’s waving hand was sighted.

“Only ten years of age -
not old enough to earn a wage.
Away you must go!”
And he struck her a blow.

Stuffed her things in a backpack,
ran away and never looked back.
In the forest, she found a life,
far from all the village strife.

But there was a flame in her heart -
she had to do something to make it part.
Went back “home” in dark of night,
ransacked it, and then took flight.

Among her spoils were
a shovel and food, eaten in a blur.
Now she was indeed quite content.
When asked, the shovel was “lent.”

Five years have passed -
survival self-training good enough to last.
Alas! Wanderlust overtaking -
to find one’s lost parents preparation making.

The only clue in possession -
thinking now in session!
The basket’s weaving fine,
only found in cities, so some traveling was in line.

“The only people who travel are adventurers,” she thought.
“Can I become one with the things I’ve got?”
The answer was a resounding “Yes!”
“Now to do this without causing a mess…”

Strange folk are going to unleash the water.
Others were sitting back. Not her.
She tracked them to a sewer-like place,
quickly she was on the case!

Made a few friends,
completed the mission to its ends,
got some money!
The amount she got wasn’t funny.

Went to explore a wizard’s tower,
friend got poisoned by the snake doorknob, like a deadly flower.
Climbed a tree, found some berries. Cured!
This girl is a miracle worker, spread the word!

To enter, she just knocked.
Turns out the door wasn’t locked.
“If you want to know what was the key,
it’s politeness, if you ask me!”

Next, we’ll steal a chaos egg!
“I hope I don’t lose a leg!”
Helped pass 3 out of 5 trials.
To the end of the quest there were fewer and fewer miles.

Alas! The egg was cracked!
With sadness her body was wracked.
Multiple portals appeared,
and a tentacle monster its ugly self reared!

A mad dash towards home -
underfoot is familiar soft loam.
A mischievous inkling -
The young magpie takes wing.

The long journey to find one’s true home must soon start -
she found a donkey and “borrowed” it because she was smart.
Can’t ride a donkey without a saddle,
the general shop was lock-picked, the shopkeeper’s head to addle.

The donkey was led back to home,
it will soon help Marysa roam.
She was dubbed “Daisy.”
Wait! Who branded her? They’re crazy!

A star inside a horseshoe was on her flank.
The people who did this were rather rank.
Soon, Marysa grew sleepy.
“Goodnight, dawn will soon meet me.”

As soon as she laid down,
firelight made a light-crown.
Visions appeared in the smoke,
don’t get close, they’ll make you choke!

A lady putting down a basket,
crying, though she tried to mask it.
As she turned away, a long red tail with a pointed tip is seen.
What could all this possibly mean?

Half-asleep, little thief, we bid you good night.
When morning comes, keep up the good fight.
This tale can only be continued later.
Oh, the costs of the drinks? I’ll give you a waiver…


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