We've all heard the fairytales about ridiculously lucky girls and boys. Alice, Jack, Hansel & Gretel, Peter, Wendy. They explore strange lands, battle bizarre monsters, steal fabulous treasures, and somehow always live to go on another adventure the next day.

Now that you're one of them, you finally understand how they do it. 

Abilities -

Jinxes have an Attack Bonus of +1.

Hit Die: d6

Damage Die: d6

Jinxes get the LUCKY BREAK and EXASPERATION abilities at Level 1. Those abilities are described at the bottom of this page.

When you level up: Re-roll all hit dice to determine if your HP will increase. Roll twice on the Jinx table to determine your new abilities. Record your new Saving Throw numbers from the chart below.

At level 4, increase your damage die to d8. At level 8, increase your damage die to d10.


LUCKY BREAK: Can be used Before or After any dice roll except for damage rolls.

Before a roll – Instead of rolling just one die, you can roll a number of dice equal to half of your level of experience, and keep the die with the best result.

After a roll – If you decide to use the Lucky Break after you've already rolled, you won't get to roll more dice. Instead, you just add half of your level of experience to the result of your roll. Example:  Your level 4 Jinx rolled a result of 9, but decides to use the Lucky Break power to increase that number by half of their level. Since they are level 4, that means they can add 2 points, and make their result 11 instead of 9.

The Price - Every time a Jinx uses their power to give themselves GOOD luck, it gives someone BAD luck too.  The Dungeon Master will secretly roll dice to randomly determine which Player, NPC, or monster gets the OPPOSITE of the good luck. It might even be the Jinx themselves!


EXASPERATION – Once per real-world hour of playing the game, the Jinx can become exasperated. When the Jinx is frustrated by problems, they can say something about it to get Fate to notice what the problem is, and help them out. The Player will have to announce that their Jinx is exasperated, and have their character say so, like "Oh I can't believe this is happening to me!", or "How did we fall into this deplorable circumstance?!", or "Surely we are all doomed!"

Once they've said something out loud, roll on the following chart. At levels 1-6, roll a d6. At levels 7-8, roll a d8. At levels 9-10, roll a d10. At level 11 and higher, roll a d12.


1-A secret door is revealed where none had previously been detected. If the GM has made no provision for a secret door, it leads to the nearest unexplored area.

2-The Jinx realizes she has some object secreted about her person. The object can be anything non-magical, and generic (a key, not the key), and small enough that the Jinx could reasonably have it hidden on her. The Jinx may choose what this is.

3-An ordinary animal—cat sized or smaller—appears. The Jinx cannot directly control it, but it will not, under any circumstances, hurt the Jinx.

4-A fact about the situation at hand occurs to the Jinx—a piece of local or monster lore, perhaps something she read or was once told.

5-Someone of the Jinx's choice falls down. (Line of sight.)

6-The weather in the immediate area changes in a way decided by the Jinx—the change is general, and may not be targeted (no aimed lighting bolts or gusts of wind).

7-A nearby creature is enamored of the Jinx for an hour. (Line of sight.)

8-A normal (not magical, or otherwise wicked-awesome), inorganic device or object of the Jinx's choice breaks. (Line of sight.)

9-Something not ordinarily able to talk (GM's choice) begins to speak to the Jinx.

10-Creatures present completely forget the Jinx is there for as long as the Jinx keeps making saves vs. spell.

11-Someone comes to fetch the Jinx out of her current predicament. Either an obvious candidate from among the local NPC’s, or it’s time for the GM to make up a weirdo. 

12-Someone or something of the Jinx's choice begins to shrink at 1 foot per round down to playing-card size. (Line of sight.)

These effects are magical, and can be countered as magic.


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