Savants are a rare class of adventurer with a blessing that some might call a curse. All adventurers are subjected to a myriad of poisons, curses, spells, and the supernatural abilities of the monsters that fight them.

But only the Savant can steal those abilities from the monsters. 
Of course, the Savant will have to survive the attack first. ;-)

Abilities -

Savants start the game with one permanent point of Dark Energy, plus the powers of Explosive Potential and Absorption. These powers are described at the bottom of this page.

Savants have an Attack Bonus of +1.

Hit Die: d10

Damage Die: d6

When you level up: Re-roll all hit dice to determine if your HP will increase. Gain one new permanent point of DARK ENERGY, and roll one time on the Savant Table. Record your new Saving Throw numbers from the chart below.

At level 4, increase your damage die to d8. At level 8, increase your damage die to d10.


Explosive Potential: The character can spend a point of Dark Energy to fire a bolt of force that does 1d8+1 damage with the range of a longbow. They have +(current level) to hit with these bolts, up to a maximum of +10. This natural power doesn’t count against their maximum number of abilities.


Absorption: A Savant can (potentially) absorb the powers and spells used against them.

•  Once hit by an ability they may choose to learn the monster ability.  

•  Learning an ability takes 1 Turn AFTER combat is over. 

•  They may then use the monster ability by expending 1 Dark Energy point.  

•  Savants may also learn spells, by being the target of a spell. This takes 1 Turn after being affected by the spell. 

•  They can then use the spells by expending a number of Dark Energy points equal to the spell's level.  

•  Savants cannot know more spells and abilities than their level + their Constitution modifier

•  The ability or spell is learned, even if the Savant dies from the attack. 

•  If the Savant is protected by spell resistance or a globe of invulnerability, they will not learn the ability. They must be affected, personally, by the ability in order to learn it.

•  They must be a target of a spell or ability to learn it; seeing it is not enough. 

•  Dark Energy points are completely refreshed after a night’s rest.


Savants can also attempt to learn passive or defensive abilities from a creature by making contact with its dead body for a number of Turns equal to the number of Hit Dice the creature had. They must Save vs. Poison after touching the corpse. If the Savant makes the save, then they learn the power without problems. If they fail the save, they get very sick, don't learn the ability, and can't try again. One time only. 

Each of these passive abilities counts against the total number of abilities the Savant can learn. Each passive ability perpetually costs 1 point of energy to maintain, thus reducing the available amount of Dark Energy. These abilities are always 'on', and cannot be turned off to regain access to the reserved Dark Energy points, unless the Savant chooses to "forget" the power altogether.


Savant Table

1-12 Best Defense is a Good Offense:  +1 to hit

13-25 Put Some Ice On It: +1 CON up to a maximum of 30. Any excess goes to STR, then DEX (max of 18.)

26-50 Tough as Nails: +1 hit point, in addition to any regular HP increase this level

51-75 Skillful Victory: +2 skill points

76-100 Adapt and Overcome: +2 Dark Energy points


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